A Runaway Goat is a Runaway Success

A Runaway Goat by Lucy Mathen

Lucy Mathen, ex-journalist and indomitable founder of Second Sight, a leading sight charity operating in North India, wrote about her story in A Runaway Goat – which has become a runaway success.

Landen Park Studio was fortunate to be asked to produce the audiobook version of A Runaway Goat in 2021, and it’s an wonderful read.

Besides bringing to attention the extraordinary and completely fixable problem of blindness among rural populations in India, A Runaway Goat is also about achieving real results despite overwhelming corporate indifference and bureaucratic obstruction.

The BBC’s Samira Ahmed has called A Runaway Goat “required reading in governance and business schools as a case study in how to get things done”.

In keeping with her strong views on Big Tech, A Runaway Goat by Lucy Mathen of Second Sight has never been released on Audible or any other streaming platform.  It’s only distributed through the charity, and made available via donations.  You can reach out to Lucy through the Second Sight website, or get in touch with us and we’ll connect you.

Amanda Bedzrah’s Leah: Unnoticed, Unwanted, Unloved now available on Audible

Leah - Unnoticed Unwanted Unloved by Amanda Bedzrah

Leah: Unnoticed, Unwanted, Unloved by Amanda Bedzrah is now available on Audible.

Produced here at Landen Park Studio, Leah… is a fictional retelling of one of the greatest Bible stories of all time. It is a story of love, deception, betrayal, competition, heartbreak, and forgiveness.

Recorded here at Landen Park Studio by Lucy Scott and directed and post-produced by Justin Hill, Leah: Unnoticed, Unwanted, Unloved is now available on Audible and all your favourite audiobook platforms.

The second Amanda Bedzrah work we’ve produced here, Leah... was actually Amanda’s first novel – we produced Becoming Queen Bathsheba, her second novel, earlier this year.

Tiny Thunder now available on Audible

Tiny Thunder by Sue Rice

Tiny Thunder by Sue Rice, produced here at Landen Park Studio, is a fascinating journey through marketing using metaphoric storytelling.  The book explains, with copious examples, how to turbo-charge your marketing efforts through a “magical mash-up” of metaphor and story.

Recorded here at Landen Park Studio by the author and directed and post-produced by Justin Hill, Tiny Thunder is now available on Audible and all your favourite audiobook platforms.

A relaxing time with Jessica Porter

Just completed the last of three really fun sessions with silver-tongued Canadian actress Jessica Porter – who’s also a certified hypnotherapist.

We’ve been recording meditations for the Sleep Wave podcast series, designed to help you relax and get a good night’s rest.  Fascinating stuff requiring close attention and concentration to deal with very quiet, veeeeery sloooow, readings…  Loved it.

The Listening Coach now available on Audible

The Listening Coach, read by author Jane Adshead-Grant and directed by Justin Hill here at Landen Park Studio, is now available on Audible.

The Listening Coach will help you coach yourself through the elements of listening that are critical in life, in business and in your community.  It is easy to read and digest, with practical ideas so you can convert its insights into deeper ways of listening. Peppered with conversations and real-world case studies, you will discover the transformational impact of deep and generative listening.