Laura Hamilton – Back Again

Lovely Laura Hamilton was back at Landen Park Studio today, recording more episodes of Channel 4’s A Place In The Sun, squeezed into the middle of a six-day read by Clive Hayward for a book we’re producing for Gideon Saint.

This is Laura’s second visit to the studio, and we’ll be seeing her again in January.

Working with series producer Sarah Brooks of Freeform Productions (joining the session via Zoom), we worked through three ‘What Happened Next’ compilations and a new episode.


Shainool Jiwa’s The Fatimids Part 2 Now On Audible

Shainool Jiwa’s The Fatimids Part 2 is now available on Audible.

Recorded at Landen Park Studio by narrator Salima Bhatia, The Fatimids 2 – The Rule From Egypt follows Jiwa’s previous book The Fatimids 1 – The Rise Of A Muslim Empire.

This comprehensive and authoritative work charts the development of the Fatimid empire from newly-founded Cairo through through to their ultimate fall at the hands of Saladin.

The Fatimids 2 was produced by Justin Hill, and co-directed by Justin Hill and Russell Harris.

Salima Bhatia narrated The Fatimids 2 at Landen Park Studio.
Salima Bhatia and Russell Harris at Landen Park Studio, July 2023


Thomas R. Weaver’s Artificial Wisdom now on Audible

Thomas R. Weaver’s Artificial Wisdom is now on Audible.

Artificial Wisdom is an engaging dark murder mystery set in in a vividly realised future which has lost the battle against climate change.  As the world looks to the most extreme interventions, a journalist chases a story that will change his life.

Narrated by the wonderful Steven Pacey, Artificial Wisdom was directed by Justin Hill.

Steven Pacey at Landen Park Studio

Kerry Lynne’s Pirate Captain Making Waves on Audible

Pirate Captain by Kerry Lynne

Pirate Captain – Chronicles Of A Legend is a novel series by Kerry Lynne.  The first volume, Nor Silver, is now available on Audible as a full-cast audio drama.

The project started just as the Pandemic hit, and so much of the dialogue and narration (which was recorded at Temple Music Studio and directed by Neil Rosser) was done in disconnected ‘chunks’ as and when cast members were available.  Meanwhile, original music was written by composer Michael Vickerage without access to the script or any of the dialogue recordings.

The raw Pro Tools sessions from Temple were sent to Landen Park Studio, along with Michael’s music cues.  What followed was months of patient detective work, locating and exporting some 15,000 lines from dozens of hours of partly-documented recordings made over a 12 month period.

Once this process was completed, editing and post-production of this epic 23-hour drama was carried out by Justin Hill.

Initial reactions to the finished work have been very positive, with positive reviews appearing within days of release.