Shainool Jiwa’s The Fatimids Part 2 Now On Audible

Shainool Jiwa’s The Fatimids Part 2 is now available on Audible.

Recorded at Landen Park Studio by narrator Salima Bhatia, The Fatimids 2 – The Rule From Egypt follows Jiwa’s previous book The Fatimids 1 – The Rise Of A Muslim Empire.

This comprehensive and authoritative work charts the development of the Fatimid empire from newly-founded Cairo through through to their ultimate fall at the hands of Saladin.

The Fatimids 2 was produced by Justin Hill, and co-directed by Justin Hill and Russell Harris.

Salima Bhatia narrated The Fatimids 2 at Landen Park Studio.
Salima Bhatia and Russell Harris at Landen Park Studio, July 2023


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