Rates & Pricing

Rates and Pricing for audiobook production:

Landen Park Studio is a recording studio specifically built for audiobook production, voiceover, vocal and instrumental overdubs and other single-artist work. We try to be flexible about how we charge for work – here are our usual fees:

We offer special pricing deals for self-publishing authors reading their own work
  • Up to 50,000 words – £660 including VAT
  • Up to 80,000 words – £940 including VAT
  • longer lengths £100 for each additional 10,000 words including VAT

These prices include recording, direction, editing and mastering with delivery in both .WAV and .MP3 formats compliant with ACX technical specifications – everything you need to be published.  Presently, we are offering similar pricing for self-publishing authors using a narrator, with the author being responsible for the narrator’s fees.

General Rates
  • All services are subject to a minimum charge of £120 excluding VAT
  • Dry hire (including engineer support) – £175 per day excluding VAT
  • Dry hire, per hour – £28 per hour excluding VAT
  • Day rate with director – £285 per day excluding VAT
  • Hourly rate with director – £55 per hour excluding VAT
  • Editing/finalisation – £55 per finished hour excluding VAT subject to approval of raw audio*

*This rate generally applies for editing punched-in, studio-recorded work by professional narrators.  Higher rates will apply for continuous-record material.  Note: we may decline work altogether if recorded in a ‘home studio’ setup, because of the difficulty of producing output that meets our minimum standards.


If you have a project in mind which doesn’t fit into the areas shown above, feel free to discuss it with us.  We generally quote a fixed, single price for a project so you know at the outset what your book is going to cost.

If you’ve got a project that falls outside these criteria, or you’d like some further clarification – just get in touch!

(rates & pricing for audiobook production)