Audiobook Recording & production – we’ve got you covered

Whether you’re an independent narrator or a production company looking for a venue, The Other Operation will suit your Audiobook Recording needs.  Quick links:

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Transferring tape to digital

Audio editors will tell you how difficult and time-consuming it can be to ‘clean up’ a book which has been recorded in a ‘home booth’ or poorly-designed studio.  Our studio produces high-quality, editor-friendly output without ‘live’, ‘boxy’ or ‘muffled’ sound.  Original recordings are made at 24-bit 88.2k (or higher) high-resolution and dithered to your choice of output format (usually 16 bit/44.1K).  We use Pro Tools, and the latest audio enhancement and restoration software, including Izotope RX and Ozone suites.  Owner and producer Justin Hill has edited thousands of hours of audio material and knows exactly what the publishers and streaming platforms require.

Voiceover Recording & production – fast and compelling

We’ve worked with all sorts of clients, from one-man-operations to the BBC.  Voiceover is different from audiobooks; delivery is generally ‘punchier’ and can be ‘hyped up’ – especially for short-form work such as radio commercials.  For this, we tend to work closer to the mic (more like where a singer would be) and apply more dynamic treatment.

We can work fast!  If you’re in a hurry, we can have your finished voiceover within a hour of your talent’s final take.

producer/directors – your way is the right way

If you’re a director thinking of bringing a project to The Other Operation, you’ll be glad to know you won’t be left to fend for yourself.  Your session will have a technical engineer right beside you throughout.  You can sit back and direct, or, if you prefer, you can do the driving – recording and punching in yourself.  You’ll still have someone with you, ready to step in if there are any problems, or just if you want to sit back for a moment (or if  you need a cup of tea!).

Although we don’t have line-of-sight from the control room to the studio, we do have CCTV, which in some ways is actually better.  You’ll also be pleased to know that we’ve got ‘proper’ talkback – unlike many small studios.  Dedicated talkback with independent level adjustment is controlled by a button on the work surface, a ‘portable’ button on the end of a cable, and even a footswitch – all useable simultaneously.  The talkback channel picks up your voice clearly from anywhere in the room.  You won’t have to find the mic and shout at it!

Your artist will be listening on a stereo cue feed that’s independent from what you’re listening to.  Of course, these might actually be the same but some artists like some extra compression and/or eq in their cans for confidence that you don’t want in your ears.  And remember, everything is adjustable.  Multiple headphone feeds in the control room, multiple headphone feeds in the studio – everything.

Oh – and we don’t use a mixing desk.  We have dedicated high-end microphone preamps and we do the rest in Pro Tools.  This means the ‘desk’ really is a desk, so you can spread out your papers, have your iPad open, and so forth.  Any other queries?  Just ask!

Editing – It’s Your Call

Established production outfits will probably prefer to use their own editors, and we can simply deliver the raw Pro Tools session anywhere you want, over the internet, at the end of each day.  (We use the latest version of Pro Tools; if you need some other format (including deprecated Pro Tools formats, check with us first.)

On the other hand, you can leave it to us (and if you’re an independent reader, you should do this).  We’ve delivered thousands of hours of material to Recorded Books, Brilliance, Deyan and many others, and we know how to give them what they want.

Every room has its sound – its idiosyncracies, its ‘tone’.  Who better to get the best out of the room than the people who built it?

It’s Not All About Spoken Word

Of course, we do music too!  The Other Operation’s studio was not built with ensemble recording in mind – it’s too small, and the acoustic wouldn’t suit it anyway.  We’re also not equipped to record loud instruments such as drums and amplified guitars.  But we’re a great choice for a vocal overdub, solo instrument recording, singer/songwriter demos, and more.  Owner Justin Hill has many years’ experience recording, editing, mixing and mastering countless classical, jazz and rock tracks.

In fact, if you’re technically inclined you might notice our technical specs seem more than necessary for audiobook recording.  That’s because we also mix and master music, and our resources enable us to handle large Pro Tools projects with ease.

All This And Creature Comforts Too

Audiobook Recording isn’t just about work. The ambiance, the atmosphere, is all-important to that creative vibe.  We like to look after our visitors.  Drink all the tea, coffee and chilled filtered water you want.  Eat all the biscuits you can cram in.  Home made cakes occasionally appear and we’ve even been known to lay on lunch when we’re in the mood.  Expand in our garden, lounge in our lounge…

Don’t Just Sit There!

Get in touch to see what The Other Operation can do for you!  We’re based in Horley, Surrey – 5 minutes from Gatwick and the M23, and with fast trains to Victoria and London Bridge.

Check out our facilities – we are fully loaded and ready for your project.