About Music Recording

If you’ve just discovered Landen Park Recording Studio on Google or wherever and you’re thinking of coming here to do music, please have a read of this article before getting in touch

Difficult phone conversations

Here’s a readout from a recent telephone enquiry.  It’s as close to word-for-word as I can remember it:

“Landen Park Studio, good afternoon…”

“You a recording studio?”

“That’s right.  How can I help you”

“So… recording studio then, right?”

“Yes… we’re a recording studio.”

“So what would you take for an hour?”

“We don’t generally book for less than half a day.  Can you tell me something about the project?”

“I wanna do music.”

“OK… do you want to record a vocal, an instrument…?  Do you have a backing track?  Can you tell me anything about the genre?”


“Do you have a backing track to sing to for example?”

“I wanna to make a track, yeah?”

“I’m afraid that’s not really what we do here.”

“Thought you said you were a recording studio.” [ends call]

Seriously, that’s not an unusual call.  I get three or four of these a week.  Here’s the thing:  we’re set up to record spoken word – that’s audiobooks, voiceover, dubbing and so forth but…  

Yes we do record music

We have a small studio – somewhere between what people call a booth and what people call a live room.   We do record vocal and instrumental overdubs here occasionally.  At a push, we could accommodate up to three singers in one go but it would be tight.

These sessions consist of musicians recording an overdub to an existing backing track supplied to us.  

We don’t:

    • write music, arrange music, produce beats, etc.
    • do ‘artist development’.
    •  have a mass of keyboards, samplers or drum machines.

We do:

    • record, punch-in, edit and ‘comp’
    • produce ‘monitor mixes’ for checking
    • pre-mix and balance – especially jazz and pop

So, now you have a better idea about music recording at Landen Park Studio, we can have a sensible conversation on the phone.  Please don’t think I’m being rude or that I’m not interested in your project.  (But let’s face it, you do need to at least have a project…)