Audio Transfer & Restoration

We are now offering transfers from open reel, audio cassette and DAT to Pro Tools, with delivery as .WAV, MP3, a complete Pro Tools session, or CD-R.

Cassette transfer uses our scrupulously maintained and much-loved Denon DRM-800 (a top-of-the-line 3-head machine which Justin has owned from new in 1989), interfaced via a Sonifex Redbox to adapt output levels from consumer level unbalanced to studio level balanced signals (using very short, very high-quality cables).  This connects directly to our Presonus Quantum 4848 Thunderbolt interface, ensuring the highest-possible transfer quality.

DATs are transferred from our Panasonic SV-3800 deck (arguably the best-sounding stand-alone DAT machine ever built), to our Behringer Ultramatch 2496 over AES-EBU.  The Ultramatch features an ultra-stable clock with flywheeling and jitter reduction and can up-sample to 24bit, 96k.  This can feed into Pro Tools directly in the digital domain, or be converted to analogue and then brought into Pro Tools for further processing.

1/4 inch open reel tapes are transferred from a professionally lined-up MCI JH110 mastering machine, with Dolby A and SR available.  The MCI JH110 range was one of the best-sounding and most sought-after professional recorders and has both NAB and DIN/IEC equalisation, exceptional headroom, three highly stable speeds with wide varispeed, and support for 14 inch reels.

Transfers are made at 24 bit, 96k resolution and then dithered (using Izotope Ozone) to your required format.

We can provide various additional services, including using our Izotope RX suite to apply noise reduction and gentle restoration.  Where CD-R delivery is requested, we use HOFA DDP Master software and can produce a replication-ready image file.  And of course, we can print track names and other information directly onto the CD-R.


Every job is different, every customer unique – so any pricing shown here is for guidance only.  That said:

  • Cassettes – £20 per side, including delivery on CD-R.  Formats: up C-120, Dolby B/C
  • DATs – £35, including delivery on CD-R.  Formats: 32K, 44.1K, 48K.  ‘High resolution’ DATs not currently supported.
  • 1/4 inch open reel masters – £75 per tape, including pre-baking and re-splicing as required.  Formats: 7.5ips, 15ips, 30ips, NAB or DIN/IEC eq, Dolby A or SR.  Delivery as .WAV files and/or Pro Tools session at 24 bit/96k

 In the meantime, get in touch with your requirements and we’ll give you our best price.