Services / Audiobook Editing

Landen Park Studio is a recording studio specifically built for audiobook production, voiceover, vocal and instrumental overdubs and other single-artist work.

If you’ve recorded your audiobook somewhere else, you’ll still need it to be edited and post-produced.  

We’re highly experienced in audiobook editing.  We are familiar with the technical requirements of the delivery platforms (Audible, Amazon, Apple and so forth) and we’ve produced thousands of hours of spoken word material.

The process involves removing extraneous noise (both continuous and incidental), removing breaths and other narrator sounds, adjusting spacing between sections (and even between sentences and phrases if necessary).  Then we adjust eq, dynamics and levels to match the submission requirements of the major platforms and create compliant output files using appropriate naming conventions.

We have a battery of state of the art software to bring to bear, including iZotope RX Advanced  – the industry standard in audio restoration.  Nevertheless, a lot of the work has to be done by hand – and we have years of experience making spoken word audio sound amazing.

A word to the wise: with all the skills in the world and the best software available, there’s no way to completely remove the effects of recording in a poor environment.  The old saying ‘you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear‘ applies here.  You should never think that just because the technology is there, it doesn’t matter how or where the material is recorded.   Furthermore, the poorer the quality of the original recording, the more it will cost you to have it ‘cleaned up’ – and this can mean that the project could actually cost less overall if you recorded in a professional studio in the first place…

You’ll need to get in touch with us for a detailed quote (and we’ll ask to listen to a sample), but our general charges are shown here:

The files we deliver are compliant with ACX/Audible specifications, but internally we work at a higher resolution.  We can work with whatever you have, but our preferred format for receiving audio for editing (and the format in which we originate material here) is:

24 bit, 88.2K mono broadcast WAV (.WAV), with minimum 2 seconds room tone at start and end.