Facilities / Temple Music Studio

Until recently, I was the studio manager at Temple Music.  Much of the work I’ve completed in the past few years was done at Temple Music’s studio.  I’m no longer connected with Temple Music, which is now in the very capable hands of my colleague Ru Lemer.

Temple Music has a 90sqm live space with variable acoustics and a dedicated vocal booth; 36 simultaneous lines up to the control room; 6 independent stereo cue lines, and a 40-input Pro Tools|HDX system running on a Mac Pro 5,1 12 Core machine.

Temple Music is a fabulous studio for ensemble recording and has an enviable heritage in jazz and rock production going back to 1980.

but there are Some Good Memories of my time there:

Pip Burley recording a solo piano album:

Kris Urbanski and Yuri Goloubev during the recording of “Children Of The Light”:

Paul Moran during the recording of his second library album:

Mile Osbourne doing percussion overdubs for Paul Moran:

Caravela recording the ‘Vale do Capao’ video:

Rob Cope recording some tracks: